Sunday, September 26, 2010

Aruba Web Sites

Aruba web sites that have been designed and set up on our powerful servers for Aruba clients:

Amadeus Restaurant Aruba - Experience cozy dining with a 17th century ambience, where the chef is the owner. True to the name Amadeus, you will relax to classical music while enjoying delicious international cuisine with a European touch.  Flash animation style. Aruba Home Minders - Rental vacation house, home minding and more in Aruba.  Joomla website. 

Aruba-Property-Management.comAruba Homeminders offers Aruba Property Management and quality care of your Aruba Vacation Property.  Magnet website. - Aruba Homeminders offers Aruba Vacation Villas for rent; short or long term.  Magnet website. - Aruba Homeminders offers Aruba Condo Rentals; short or long term.  Magnet website. - Aruba Homeminders offers Home Rental Aruba; short or long term.  Magnet website. - Aruba Homeminders offers Vacation Condo Rental Aruba; short or long term.  Magnet website. - Aruba Homeminders offers Vacation Home Rental Aruba; short or long term.  Magnet website. -  Own, Rent, Vacation in a town home on Aruba's Gold Coast. HTML/ASP website. 

ArubaGoldCoast.comAruba Gold Coast - Own, Rent, Vacation in Aruba's Gold Coast Villas. An Oasis in the Paradise called Aruba. Homeowners Forum and information about owning or renting a bit of paradise. For Sale By Owner Aruba - Listing of property in Aruba that is For Sale By Owner.  FSBO Aruba Online.  Joomla website. - Save-the-Sea-Turtles organization. Hosting donated by TeleComputers Services.  Wiki style layout. 
Coming soon: - Aruba Rentals Online. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What is TeleCollaboration?

Online collaboration by TeleSites.Net

Web access speeds are improving and employees in different rooms, towns or even countries are now able to work on the same documents, often with simultaneous voice and video capabilities. Online collaboration tools allow documents to be edited with multiple copies being made, and are crucial to the control of documents and content across any size organisation.

TeleSites.Net in partnership with DeskNow offers a hosting package Collaboration Plan that is based on your current needs and can change as you grow your business. New accounts can be easily added when they are needed to keep your online collaboration budget in line.

Why don't I just design my web site myself?

In business it is always a good idea to "Outsource" what you can.

Tom Peters, in his book, "In Search of Excellence," put it best when he said that we should all stick to the knitting. That is, we should do what we all do best, and let others do for us what it is that they do best.

Yes, you could learn a whole new career and most likely get a very nice web site up and running after a long period of time learning the basics - but how will that help your business? Best bet is to leave this to the professionals and don't let your Internet presence represent your company with a poor web site design.

When web sites are designed by a high school kid down the block or a cousin's friend of a friend - you may get a good deal upfront but the look of the site will not represent you well nor will it be very helpful when you go to get some changes made and you cannot locate them to do the work.

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